About SoniqWave
SoniqWave offers a variety of private wireless and wholesale broadband services in over 30 markets across the US.
SoniqWave Founders
Your team of telecommunication pioneers have decades of knowledge, expertise, experience, and relationships in the wireless industry.
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About SoniqWave

About SoniqWave

Founded by team of telecommunication pioneers with decades of knowledge, expertise, experience, and relationships in the wireless industry, SoniqWave has accumulated a portfolio of prime 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum (Band 41) in over 30 markets across the United States.  If you are a mobile service provider, a WISP, an industrial, enterprise, educational or other entity who could benefit from access to prime mid-band spectrum, please contact us.

SoniqWave currently offers two types of services:

Private Networks:  With the emergence of an economical private wireless network ecosystem, SoniqWave is uniquely situated to meet the growing demand for wide area 4G and 5G networks that offer greater security, reliability and service customization than mass-market wireless carriers.  SoniqWave offers bespoke private network solutions that can be tailored to meet the particular needs of industrial, enterprise and educational customers.

Wholesale Broadband: We are currently offering WISPs the opportunity to secure broadband service on our established network on a wholesale basis to supplement WISP offerings to their retail broadband subscribers. 

Wholesale Arrangements In addition to private network arrangements, SoniqWave provides access to its own 2.5 GHz band broadband network and makes broadband access available to mobile carriers and Internet Service Providers on a wholesale basis for resale to their customers.  Due to the superior propagation and in-building penetration characteristics of the 2.5 GHz band, customers find that wholesale use of SoniqWave’s Band 41 broadband network provides a cost-effective mechanism for overcoming challenging operating environments.  In addition, wholesale arrangements allow service providers to expand the scope of their service offerings into new areas without the delay and expense of constructing new network facilities.

Soniqwave Markets

SoniqWave can provide private network service or wholesale access to SoniqWave’s own broadband facilities in the following markets. For more information regarding SoniqWave’s service offerings, please contact us.

Soniqwave Markets:

SoniqWave Founders

John Ogren

Co-Founder and COO

• 30+ year veteran in telecommunications (cable and wireless)
•Senior executive Continental Cablevision, Adelphia, Comcast
• Entrepreneur, CEO and founder of SpeedConnect, fixed wireless operator and 2.5 GHz spectrum holder in 20+ markets

Phil Merrill

Co-Founder and CDO

• Wireless Communications Pioneer and Entrepreneur with decades of experience building 2.5 GHz radio networks
• Co-founder of WCA industry association and chairman and board member for over two decades
• Founder and Partner in 2.5 GHz wireless broadband operation in AZ and CA

Paul Sinderbrand

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy and Regulatory Affairs Officer

• Wireless communications pioneer and foremost legal expert in 2.5 GHz spectrum and a senior communications attorney in wireless
• Original architect of FCC rules and policies that govern the 2.5 GHz bands
• WCA counsel from 1984-2019

Henry Brennan

Co-Founder and General Counsel

• Corporate lawyer – specializing in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and general strategic planning for more than three decades
• Guided the formation, structuring and capital raising activities for numerous start-up and emerging technology enterprises, including counsel for SpeedConnect – 2.5 GHz wireless operator

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