What is Back Up Service and why do you need it?

In today’s business with margins so tight, as a business owner saving every penny possible is critical.  And the purchase of a backup internet connection just does not fit in the budget.  Because my current internet is stable and has not gone down for a while, so why do I need a backup internet.  

Think about what it would cost you if you could not process credit card payments, or employees could not access resources they needed to get the job done.  In this article I will discuss two options for backup internet connections.  The first being the simplest to setup and maintain, but does come with limitations.  Depending on your situation and advice from your technical team you will be able to make an informed decision.

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Fortinet firewalls
Fortinet Firewalls

A secondary internet connection to your current modem, serving as back up to your primary provider. Recommended to those not offering any services to the outside world. For example a retail shop that needed to only process credit cards and receive emails and browse the internet.

Border Gateway Protocol
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Deploys a firewall on your current modem, but adds an additional layer of routing to the two internet connections which creates network stability by guaranteeing routers can adapt to route failures. When one path goes down, a new path is quickly found. An IT professional is recommended to be involved with the setup and day to day maintenance.

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Unsure what type of backup service is best for you and your business? Connect with the professionals in your area for a free evolution and recommendation.  Our veteran providers can assess your needs and provide the best solution for your business.